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Neil Evans - Barlcays Bank

Keynsham 01179124809

On a recent occasion my laptop developed some technical faults which resulted in it completely shutting down. I was at a loss on what to do next, as both personal and business critical information stored on the laptop, was in very real danger of being lost forever.


One telephone call to you was all it took to get things moving. You explained to me in plain english what the issue was and in theory how it could be resolved. During the process, you spent a great deal of time retrieving as much data as was humanly possible, before advising that a replacement laptop was required. You then proceeded to give me impartial advise as to the best laptop for my requirements, sourced it and arranged for its delivery.


At all times you were open and honest, kept to your promised deadlines and the resulting invoice certainly provided excellent value for money.


I am more than happy to recommend your services to colleagues and clients alike.


Sincere thanks for your help


Yours sincerely


Neil Evans

Barclays Business Manager


John Wilkins - Clover Maintenance Ltd

Keynsham 01179869994

I thank you and your staff for working so diligently with us, its been a great experience, with really excellent support - your staff have been so patient with my dimwit non-techie questions, everyone went out of their way to help me and I very much appreciate that.


During the last four years you have provided us with the following 'tools' to progress our business, new computers and server hardware installed and networked, a business database designed from scratch and with the added confidence that you are on hand to give us the IT Support on a day to day basis. After years struggling with an old paper based system, you've managed to provide us with a personalized operational database we can both be proud of.


I can confidently recommend Technophobia as a conscientious and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.


Your Sincerely

John Wilkins

Office & Accounts Manager

Clover Maintenance Ltd, Keynsham

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